An Visual Code Extension

Ever been tired of writing you commit message, for a code-commit that actually doesn’t need a message.

Try adding fun commits taking from the always awesome site http://whatthecommit.com/

this little extension, will take random messages from whatthecommit.com and at it to your commit message.


Web – Test your site for Responsiveness

From today, 21th April 2015, Google has changed their search-algorithm so that sites that have full responsive support.

Wich means, if your site hasn’t got support for mobile devices it will be ranked lower than other sites that have full mobile device support.

Check your site for responsiveness here.

Read more here on Googles Webmaster Central Blog

PL/SQL – selecting count on nodes in XML

To count the occurrence of a node in an XML-document using Oracle xml tools. 

This sample using a field in table M_DATA called XML_DATA of type XmlType.

the field would contain a XmlDocument structured like this.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

To extract the number of occurrences of node Style

select  count(*) from TEST.M_DATA md, table ( xmlsequence(extract(MD.XML_DATA, '/catalog/styles/style'))) xml